MyBodytune portable health monitor

Portable monitor for vascular health

My BodytuneTM

Personal sensor device to monitor vascular health.

My BodytuneTM is a non-invasive, tracking and comparison tool to monitor health at-home before, during and/or after a diagnosis.


The smartphone App provides insight into changes in the state of health that can then be shared with a:


  1. Clinician; for diagnosis or treatment
  2. Caregiver; for status of healing or degradation
  3. Coach; for adjustments in training or lifestyle


We vow to drive down the cost of healthcare, to optimize early detection and influence the fast-track to care before a condition becomes an emergency or invasive disease.


Sensor device includes bluetooth software with smartphone app that utilizes the convergence of technologies -- mobile, cloud, machine learning, and sensors -- to establish a baseline reading of personalized health to which follow-on readings are compared.

Unique listening device hears blood flow changes beyond the human ear.

Conditions to monitor

Cerebrovascular Health

- onset of stroke

(silent cerebral infarction)

Cardiovascular Health

- calcium, plaque

- carotid stenosis

Pulmonary Health


- asthma


- cough

- thrombosis


My Bodytune personal monitoring device for vascular health


• 10 Publications on the Topic
• 3 Prizes = HeroX Abundance Impact Challenge 2019, 
  Siemens Healthineers + INNOHEALTH USA 2021
• 1 Award @World Health Summit +  Presentation
• 3 Patents (USA+GERMANY)
• 10+ Events and Conference Participation
• Pre-seed funding to-date institutional and grants 
  $900kUSD value results in MVP & 200 patient data
• Seeking $2million increments of $500k ea for Phase I Home Care & Lifestyle;
• Phase II Medical Device & Pharma; Phase III Military & Space 


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